👋🏻 Hi there, I’m Xue Wang.

I’m a PhD Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCLA, advised by Prof. Yang Zhang. My research focuses on human-computer interaction in wearable sensing. Specifically, I’m interested in silent speech recognition, activity recognition, and IoT wearable technologies with a focus on privacy-sensitive sensing. Happy to share my research journey with you!

Research Projects

Project Image
Watch Your Mouth: Silent Speech Recognition with Depth Sensing 🏅Honorable Mention Award (Top 5%)
Xue Wang, Zixiong Su, Jun Rekimoto, and Yang Zhang (CHI 2024)
Project Image
TextureSight: Texture Detection for Routine Activity Awareness with Wearable Laser Speckle Imaging
Xue Wang, and Yang Zhang (IMWUT 2024)
Project Image
Headar: Sensing Head Gestures for Confirmation Dialogs on Smartwatches with Wearable Millimeter-Wave Radar
Xiaoying Yang, Xue Wang, Gaofeng Dong, Zihan Yan, Mani Srivastava, Eiji Hayashi, and Yang Zhang (IMWUT 2023)
Project Image
E3D: Harvesting Energy from Everyday Kinetic Interactions Using 3D Printed Attachment Mechanisms
Abul Al Arabi, Xue Wang, Yang Zhang, and Jeeeun Kim (IMWUT 2023)
Project Image
ForceSight: Non-Contact Force Sensing with Laser Speckle Imaging
Siyou Pei, Pradyumna Chari, Xue Wang, Xiaoying Yang, Achuta Kadambi, and Yang Zhang (UIST 2022)
Project Image
Nod to Auth: Fluent AR/VR Authentication with User Head-Neck Modeling
Xue Wang, and Yang Zhang (CHI 2021 LBW)